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Eye Examinations

Regular eye tests are a crucial component of your personal healthcare and are essential as they can detect underlying health problems as well as help maintain good vision.

As a general rule, these are normally carried out every two years and more frequently is suggested by our Optometrists.  It is recommended that children have annual eye examinations which are free for children under 16 or students under 19 years of age and in full time education.

Before the examination begins, our Optometrist will ask a number of questions, including whether you’ve had problems with your eyes, if you currently wear glasses or contact lenses, have had any serious eye infections, injuries or operations and if any close relatives have had any eye problems.  You will also be asked about your general health and any medications you are taking as well as the type of work you do as these all can affect your eye health.

Eye-Examinations-2The Optometrist will assess your current prescription and vision and ask you to read letters of decreasing size on a test chart (children may be asked to identify pictures).  The external and internal eye will be checked with a microscope or an Ophthalmoscope.  Occasionally it may be necessary to dilate the pupils using drops for a more extensive view of the back of the eyes.  This can often detect abnormalities such as diabetes, high blood pressure, glaucoma and more.

Children may occasionally need drops during their eye examination to relax their ability to focus for a more accurate result.

Lenses of different strengths ae used to determine the prescription of any glasses or contact lenses you may need.  Other tests may be required to check the pressure inside your eyes or evaluate your visual field.

Visual Field Testing
Visual Field Testing serves several important roles in clinical optometric diagnostic testing.  Evaluation to the visual field is useful for detecting ocular disorders that degrade peripheral vision before central vision is affected, such as in glaucoma, retinal disease and neurological disorders.

This is a useful screening test that measures the pressure inside your eyes and may indicate conditions which are symptomless.

The intraocular pressure inside your eyes maybe tested using a machine that sends a puff of compressed air to the eye (non-contact tonometry) or using a special probe to measure the pressure directly (applanation tonometry).

A slit-lamp bio-microscope is a diagnostic tool used to provide a detailed examination not only of the front surface to the eye but also can detect abnormalities at the back to the eye.  It is also indispensable tool using to evaluation the fitting of contact lenses.

Corneal Topography
A valid topography map is essential for accurate complex contact lens fitting.  Corneal topographers evaluate 7000 points across 11mm of the corneal surface whilst old fashioned keratometers measure only two axes over 3mm, making the topographers an essential instrument for mapping the corneal surface and measure corneal curvature prior to contact lens fitting.

Topography can be particularly helpful in detecting early signs of disease and abnormalities such as keratoconus.

Pupil Dilation
Occasionally it is necessary for the optometrist to dilate your pupils to facilitate a more detailed examination of the back of your eyes.

As a side effect, your near vision may become a little blurred and you may become more light sensitive.  These affects may last up to a few hours.

This test involves the use of a keratometer, which provides accurate information on the curvature of the cornea and is the standard instrument in ophthalmology in measuring astigmatism.

Once your eye examination has been completed, options relating to your spectacle or contact lenses are discussed and we take into account your lifestyle, health, family history and other important factors, to ensure you achieve an optimum resolution to your ophthalmic needs.


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