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Dyslexia / Visual Stress Impairment / Coloured Overlay assessments

Visual stress is a condition specifically related to eyestrain, difficulties with reading and associated headaches and affects both adults and children. It is not dyslexia, which is a linguistic problem and is a general term for disorders involving difficulties in learning to read or interpret letters, words.  When dyslexia and visual stress co-exist, they exacerbate a child or adult’s reading difficulties.

Visual stress is related to light sensitivity and can cause distortions such as blurred print, movement of letters and words and the apparent appearance of patterns within the body of print and can affect people who are competent readers.

Scientific research indicates that filters, known as ‘coloured overlays’ can help children with visual stress to improve their reading skills.  Lambrou Eye Studio have experience in this specialised area and know children react differently and it is a case of identifying which overlay on the colour spectrum will help each individual case.

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