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Contact Lens Consultation and Aftercare

Contact-Lens-Consulation-and-Aftercare-2At Lambrou Eye Studio, we have the experience and expertise to offer a comprehensive contact lens fitting service, coupled with essential aftercare service. It cannot be underestimated, the importance of seeking proper care and advice about contact lenses from an eye care professional, when a poor fitting or lack of hygiene can lead to the risk of eye infections and possible serious visual complications at a later stage. The evolution of contact lens design, due to the advances in technology and research, now means that the wearing of contact lenses has become an affordable lifestyle choice. They are available in a wide choice including:

  • Daily disposable lenses
  • Frequent replacement disposables lenses
  • Annual replacement soft lenses
  • Fashion coloured options
  • Toric lenses – these are geometric shaped and often used to correct astigmatism
  • Progressive multifocal lenses
  • Gas permeable lenses
  • Overnight vision correction contact lenses (OrthoK)

The advances in design mean they are now available in a wide range of prescriptions.   Most eyesight problems can be corrected and the choice of lens material and solutions means that wearing contact lenses offers the benefits of simplicity, convenience and comfort.  The choice of contact lenses is often dictated by your lifestyle and when and where you require them.  They are ideal for:

  • Adults as well as children.
  • People who find glasses pinch their nose or rub on their ears.
  • Anyone who requires bifocal and multifocal eye sight correction, for both distance and close work.
  • Sportsmen/women, where they provide natural vision and avoid the problem of spectacles, which are affected by adverse weather and reflections. Some contact lenses block UV rays, essential in situations when wearing sunglasses is not an option.  They move with your eyes to give a full field of focused vision wherever you look. They help you track the action with sharp, direct and peripheral vision.
  • They have the additional benefit of allowing protective eye wear to be worn for sports such as squash, which minimizes the risk of ocular injury.
  • Clients with complex visual needs who require complex prescriptions and unique custom made lenses
  • Clients who previously discontinued wearing lenses will often find they are able to wear modern lenses.

Contact lenses give you the freedom of movement you need to lead an active lifestyle, with a more natural look without frames obscuring your face. During your contact lens consultation, we undertake a thorough eye examination, which determines your suitability for contact lenses and take various measurements, to ensure a perfect lens fit. During this consultation, we will also insert a pair of lenses, if appropriate, to establish an accurate fit and prescription. At Lambrou Eye Studio, we keep up to date with continuously evolving contact lens development, in order to offer our clients the best professional service in this area of specialty. We pride ourselves on being able to help clients with complex and challenging visual needs, knowing the advantages and benefits gained from the wearing of contact lenses. Contact lenses are easy to use, suitable for all age groups, are comfortable to wear, reasonably priced, suit most prescriptions and offer the opportunity to enhance your lifestyle.


Aftercare Service

Contact lens aftercare service is essential for the continued success of wearing contact lenses.  You will learn how to get the best out of your lenses, the importance of scrupulous and consistent hygiene and how to successfully make the transition from spectacles to wearing contact lenses.

Once your contact lens fitting has been completed, we will provide you with a specification, which indicates the expiry date and date of your forthcoming check-up with Lambrou Eye Studio. For clients who have just started wearing contact lenses, appointments are made at short intervals and provide the opportunity to identify any potential problems.  Wearing lenses does become much easier, with patience and practice, and we can offer reassurance and useful advice. Otherwise, these checkups are normally between 6-12 months and continued aftercare ensures you gain the maximum benefit of contact lenses and are using the products most suited to your individual requirements.

From experience, we often find clients, who may have purchased their contact lenses from the Internet, have previously been unsuccessful with continued and regular use, due to either purchasing the incorrect product or the lack of support and advice in essential aftercare routine. Unless your lenses are causing discomfort or irritation, please remember to wear them when you attend for an appointment and bring along your lens case and glasses. This enables us to carry out a range of tests, including:

  • Vision check
  • The fit of the lenses
  • The health of your eyes

Contact lenses seldom cause serious problems and having regular aftercare examinations ensures good eye health and any minor problems can be addressed, should they arise. If you experience any problems with your contact lenses or need some advice during appointments, please contact us immediately and we can either arrange to see you or offer advice.

If Lambrou Eye Studio, Locksbottom, can be of any help or assistance with any of your visual requirements or needs, please do not hesitate to call on or visit the contact page and we will respond within 24 hours.