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glasses lenses orpingtonWe only supply premium lenses, which offer the highest standards in colour definition and contrast.  Vast technological Improvements ensure that all lenses are aesthetically pleasing, irrespective of prescription.

There is a vast selection of lenses to choose from and we have the experience to offer advice and guidance, to ensure you make the right choice.  These lenses include:

Single Vision
Commonly used for myopia (short sight), the prescription covers the surface of the lens, allowing support for distance or can alternatively be used for hyperopia (long sight) to see objects close up.

These also carry two prescriptions in one lens, but each area can be larger than in a varifocal. This does mean there is no mid distance provision and there is a visible line.  These lenses are popular with patients who prefer the added area provided by the two prescriptions.

Progessive Lenses
These, as the name suggests, are used when you require distance and close up prescriptions in the one lens. Improvements in technology mean that varifocal lenses have no visible line where the two prescriptions meet. By offering a range of lens from specialists in this area, we can reduce the soft focus areas and keep them to an absolute minimum.

VDU and Corporate (Occupational)
By using a comprehensive range of lenses, we are able to offer a tailored solution for medium distance clarity, often required in the work environment when using computer screens or any situation requiring a combination of medium and long distance vision. Varifocals do not meet these requirements and reading spectacles only provide distance clarity of 40cm.

contact lenses orpingtonAt Lambrou Eye Studio, Optometrists can fit lenses for fatigue free vision, through careful lens alignment within the frame, to encourage natural head and body posture.   This is achieved by taking 4 individual parameters and matching the lens to your specific visual requirements.   This bespoke product is perfect for those in the 40-50 year age range who may be experiencing mid range visual difficulties.

We offer a corporate eye care scheme for VDU testing, which provides employees with a selection of frames. Employers issue Eye Care Vouchers, which we accept for this service.  Please contact us for further details about our different corporate eyecare schemes.

Thinner and Lighter
Thinner, lighter high index lenses are especially recommended if you have a strong prescription for shortsight, longsight or astigmatism.

They improve the aesthetic appearance of the glasses and by being thinner and lighter, they become more comfortable for the wearer.

Tints and Coating
Anti-reflective coating on lenses reduces both glare and reflection and the same technology offers water and condensation resistance.

Photo chromatic technology is now very quick and responsive to light conditions which make this a particularly useful benefit when required in   different situations of light intensity.

Scratch Resistant Lenses
This useful addition will prolong the life of your lenses by protecting them from the inevitable wear and tear encountered each day.

If Lambrou Eye Studio, Locksbottom, can be of any help or assistance with any of your visual requirements or needs, please do not hesitate to call on or visit the contact page and we will respond within 24 hours.